One HP One HP One HP
One HP One HP One HP

One HP One HP One HP
One HP One HP One HP

CLIENT : Hindustan Petroleum

Scope of work : Video Campaign


The brand HP is greatly known for fuel but the brand wanted to bring to light that they manufacture a lot of articles that we use in our everyday life without knowing it's an HP product. The core goal here was to position how HP is an integral part of our daily routine life but we seldom realize how many of their products we pick up every day.

Scenic Description Scenic Description

Here the ideal medium we believed would bring out the message in the right essence would be a video. A story that showcases all of the everyday articles from HP that make our life easier and better.

We picked 3D animation as the format of this video and crafted a script that narrated how HP products are a part of everyday life for the majority of the population regardless of if they are a homemaker, a working professional or any other professional.

The video highlighted many products by HP that most of us use every day but aren’t aware of its manufacturing company.

Output Output

The video was loved by the audience and helped the brand prominently bring out the message it aimed for.