Scope of work : Video Campaign


Healthcare SuperStars is a medical info-series that sheds light on modern-day respiratory medicine, enabling its vision of making knowledge-sharing more accessible. It can be accessed in 5 international languages by doctors across the globe at their convenience. Being a first-of-its-kind medical talk show, the series offers an incomparable learning and interacting experience to the participants.

Scenic Description Scenic Description

A series of multilingual episodes offers an unparalleled virtual learning experience. From bringing the latest advancements in therapies to connecting globally-renowned doctors and sharpening their skills, each episode successfully engaged in competent leadership on the grounds of community-wide wellness and innovative healthcare systems in respiratory therapy.

These episodes covered various treatments and case studies by doctors from across the globe. The episodes were aired in different countries as per their prime-time slots, making them widely popular and accessible. The project involved a global collaboration of 13 societies, world-renowned speakers, interviews and case-based learning.

Each participant received a certificate signed by the Star Speakers. To date, 6-episodes have successfully been aired and can be streamed anytime from anywhere across the globe.

Output Output

Overwhelmed with the participation and response received, HSS turned out to be a mega venture for Cipla. It became a Cipla IP that has recorded attendees from more than 35 countries, humongous registrations to date and viewership of 7 million-plus from around the world.