What's your excuse?
What's your excuse?

What's your excuse?
What's your excuse?


Scope of work : Photoshoot & Video Campaign


A campaign named Whats’ Your Excuse was ideated, to encourage patients to stick by their medication as the prices have been brought down. With affordability no more being a problem, there’s no excuse left for them to skip their routine medicines that are essential for their well-being.

Scenic Description Scenic Description

As affordability posed as a problem for some essential medications that every hypertension patient must consume every day, many patients fail to adhere to the prescribed therapies which makes them prone to heart diseases.

To eliminate affordability as an obstacle, Macleods decided to bring down the prices of such essential hypertension medicines without compromising on quality and efficiency.

The sole purpose behind the campaign was to take maximum leverage out of price slash. Mr Boman Irani was roped in to take the message effectively to the doctors and patients through a video. For doctors who were concerned about the price and for the patients who were not adhering to the medication, the message was gently conveyed that there should not be any excuse left now. It was a blend of print and digital campaigns to be able to reach every segment of the masses and educate them about this initiative by Macleods.

Output Output

The message was well perceived by the target audience. It helped serve the brand’s purpose. It resulted in a rise in the demand for the products and thus proper treatment for the patients.